And All Comedians Rejoice!!!!

Donald-TrumpDonald Trump is thinking of running for president saying that he could have beaten President Obama both times — with his hands tied behind his back — which I’ve heard is something he enjoys.  He also is sure he could have done a better job winning WWII than Dwight Eisenhower; could have brought on a depression faster than Herbert Hoover; and would have been impeached sooner than Richard Nixon.


Sarah Palin is also thinking about running for president in 2016. I hear she said she would know for sure in two years. Based on this photo:


we can see what her foreign policy would be. Hey “Fuc__ You Russia,” “Up Yours China,” “Your Mother Wears Combat Boots Terrorists.”  And it would save us a lot of money — all we would need is some poster board and black markers.

This will make every comedian/humor writer in the world happy. Someone needs to tell Tina Fey she will be quite busy in the next months.