Tips For Life

kotex tips for life

I don’t keep much to myself. Some people would say “Don’t you have any shame?”   I’d like to think that I don’t – shame does nothing for my soul. If you know me you probably know that I don’t like mayonnaise, I cry when I listen to Barry Manilow, I was caught skinny dipping in a local park kiddy pool at 3 in the morning, my ex-husband was in prison (that didn’t have anything to do with the skinny dipping episode), and, according to my doctor, I have the cervix of a 20-year-old (this won’t get you a date but it’s nice to know).

You are now about to find out something about me that I never thought I’d be sharing but I need to share for the sake of this written work. As a writer I know I need to reach deep down into my soul and not be afraid to speak the truth. So in the spirit of the great literary tradition of my fellow writers such as Walker, Hemingway, Oates, Hawthorne, Alcott and Seuss I must reveal that I, Mary Hirsch, use pantiliners. There it’s out in the open. Now I can go on to enlighten the world with this potential Pulitzer Prize work.

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