10 Times When War IS the Answer

I saw this sign (well a similar sign) on someone’s lawn the other day (before it was covered with April snow). I’ve seen this and heard it probably a thousand times since the 60s (many of those times I saw it through “rose-colored glasses” if you catch my drug-referenced drift) but this time I stopped and thought “that’s not true.” There are many times when war IS the answer. For instance:


1.  What song did Edwin Starr sing in 1970 (Good God why’all)?

2.  What is a card game where each player turns up a card at the same time and the player with the higher card takes both cards and at the end your brother says you were a cheater but you know he was a cheater AND a stinky face?

3.  After the attack on Pearl Harbor Roosevelt declared what?
a.  War
b.  His vacation to Hawaii was postponed
c.  We need to find a date that will live in infamy
d.  His love for Eleanor

4.  What is RAW spelled backwards?

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