Take That You Damn Yankee

My friend Jean bought this for me … a yankee voodoo doll. I love it because I hate those f***** yankees. Thanks Jean, I’ll use it often.

I don’t recommend things too often — I usually tell you what I hate like peas, yankees, etc. — but I have two things to recommend.

First, is the Honeywell Tower Fan. Here is a link to it on the Target website. It is the best room fan I’ve ever had. It is really quiet and has different settings besides the usual low, med and I-can’t-hear-a-word-you’re-saying. And the air is cool like there are little penguins in there making ice cubes and then blowing air off of the ice cubes — yep I bet that’s what is going on. It also has a timer so you can have it on when you go to bed but not all night long unless you want to – very beneficial for people like me who go to bed hot and wake up cold – you can insert your own joke here. I’m going to get another one in the near future.

My second recommendation is Byerly’s Tomato Rough in the deli. It is a very simple dish of tomatoes, cucumbers, celery and onions in a vinegary marinate. I could eat that all day long but my intestines would call 911 after the second serving. They don’t have it all the time, I wish they did, so I call ahead and ask if they have it that day. The drawback is it is in the deli right by their homemade, clog your arteries, get the defibrillator vanilla pudding.

So tonight I will be sitting in front of my Honeywell Tower fan eating tomato rough and putting pins in my yankee voodoo doll. Summertime and the living is easy.