Take Two Beers and Jump

Remember our old friend Steven, the flight attendant who told everyone to f* off, grabbed a couple of beers, and jumped off the plane — well I have to say he is on my mind today.

I got one of those emails yesterday that just makes you want to take two beers and jump. There are some people in my world who don’t care much for me — can you imagine? And the email was from one of them. He’s very much tradition while I’m very much, well not traditional. (The picture, for instance is the cake I ordered when I was put in charge of the birthday cake for May. We always have the same old cake — Happy [Fill in the Month] Birthdays — and I thought it would be fun to do something different.) So Mr. T(radition) and I often do not see eye-to-eye and that’s okay. In fact I’m glad that we don’t agree because I wouldn’t want to be on Team Boring, but I know there are emails flying about me to others and I wish just once in my life I could take two beers and jump. Oh well, maybe I’ll just take two beers.