Ten More Minutes Mom

That’s all I ask … 10 more minutes.

What a sleepy morning this is. I would have liked to stay in bed – but then again what morning don’t I feel that way. On Friday I’m getting my new adjustable bed. The bed I have now was given to me when I moved back from California in 2003. At that time it was about 30 years old so I guess it’s time for a new bed. Of course shopping for a bed is the worse part. It’s not just the odd feeling of laying on a mattress in a public place (hey I’m no Lindsey Lohan), it’s the sales person following you from bed to bed. I felt a bit like Goldilocks (this bed is too hard, too soft, just right) except she’s being tailed by Geraldo Rivera. “Do you like this one? Try this one. What about this one?” This is the most money I’ve ever spent on a piece of furniture. It comes with a warranty and a 60 day trial period. Now if it only came with Keifer Sutherland.