Thank You

You may have seen this photo before but I think on Veterans’ Day it is worthy of a second viewing. This is my dad (on the right) and his two brothers.

Having grown up during the Vietnam War days, there was a time when a veteran was not given much respect. In fact, I know when guys came back home they tried to hide the fact they had been in the service. Oh how times have changed — for the better.
What has me ticked off though is the commercializing of the day. I got an email from one of our vendors. It had an American flag and said Veteran’s Day and then underneath had his name and a tagline for his company. I thought that was extremely tacky. Even tackier than the President’s Day Lingerie Sale they have every year at Dayton’s/Marshall Fields/Macy’s. Happy Birthday George Washington … do you like my new push-up, cross-your-heart, underwire bra?
Well anyways … thanks to all the men and women who have served in the armed forces.