Thanks For Staying … Come Back Soon.

Here are pictures of my new pals. Cameron in his catcher gear and Bradon just chillin’ in his Minnesota Twins shirt.

My company has gone home. It was a great time and I hope they come back soon.
Today I’m getting my hair cut but on Friday I got a phone call from Roco Altobelli that Anne, the woman who’s been cutting my hair for quite a while, left. So I have an appointment with someone new. I’m sure she’s fine but I am going to have to find a place other than Roco’s because it seems like every time I find someone I like they leave and I’m getting tired of that. If I go to a smaller salon I’m more likely to find someone who is going to stay or if they leave you get to find out where they’ve gone so you can follow them. Roco’s assumes I’ll just stay with them no matter what. Of course the main thing is that at the end of the day I look as beautiful as ever. And with material like me to work with, how tough can it be? No, really how tough can it be?