That Professional Look

Here is the professional photo I had taken a couple of weeks ago. Wendy Zins did such a great job. Of course it’s no match for the Photo Booth photos I’ve been taking on my computer but hey you can’t have it all.

It’s nice to have a picture that you like. I don’t feel that way too often. Actually I think most women don’t feel that way. We are way too critical of ourselves. You see a picture of a great moment when you’re with family or friends having fun and we don’t think oh boy was that ever a good time, we think oh boy do I look a) old, b) fat, c) old and fat, or d) like my mother.
So thanks Wendy. I actually look at this picture and think I look good (for an old fat lady who looks like her mother). Well you can’t change in a day.

1 thought on “That Professional Look

  1. This photo is GORGEOUS! Did you have it taken for work, or resumes, or for the jacket of your forthcoming best-selling book?

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