The Big Five-Oh Today

I had to buy it … I just had to. A candy cross. Every year I see this I am still amazed that someone continues to make it. Perhaps it’s because people like me continue to buy them. And even better yet, if you read the ingredients you will find that they are Kosher. I’m not a religious person but I just don’t think Jesus died on the cross so we it could be commemorated in a tasty little snack. I’m waiting for marshmallow Peeps in the shape of the apostles. Remember you read it here first.

Going to be in the 50’s today. I may have to run naked through the streets. No I think after this winter people have suffered enough.

2 thoughts on “The Big Five-Oh Today

  1. I thought you meant you were 50 today and since I know you arent even 40 yet I thought I was in a time warp or something. Its 75 here. I am hot in shorts and a t about a little sympathy?

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