The Big Stare Off of Christmas 2011

Here is a picture from Christmas and one of my favorite pictures. This is my sparent Mr. B enjoying some jerky he received as a gift while Freckles sits there and tries to stare him down — well actually they were trying to stare each other down. Pretty funny. By the way, Freckles left empty handed or I guess it would be empty pawed.

I am quite excited to announce that on February 15th I will be 3000 weeks old. No really. There is a website you can go to and it will determine some unusual milestones for your birthdays. I truly don’t feel a day over 2500 weeks old — well some days I actually feel 3500 weeks old but that’s not too often.

I’m planning to have a little celebration on the big day. Of course I’m sure I’ll be exhausted from all the Valentine’s Day celebrations on the 14th but I’ll try to summon my strength to have another big day.

And speaking of another big day I want to get a HAPPY BIRTHDAY salute to my friend Mary (what a wonderful name) who turned the big 5-0 yesterday. She is one of those people who really doesn’t look 50 — I hate her. She and I were Girl Scout leaders together. We learned how to make toothbrush bracelets together and when it came time to take our girls on an overnight we trekked to the Embassy Suites out by the Mall of America. We went to Camp Snoopy, learned how to forage for a free breakfast, and learned how to play poker using conversation hearts for chips. “I’ll see your ‘CUTIE PIE’ and raise you a ‘SO COOL’.” Yes we were wonderful role models for those girls.

Have a good Monday — another manic Monday