The Cone of Shame

Well we had quite a scare on Friday — and by we I mean me and anyone who was on the road with me at the time — when I had to rush Freckles to the vet because there was all sorts of blood coming from her eye. She has a growth on her eyelid and it apparently popped or something and when we were out walking I looked down and there was blood all over her sweet little face.

So she has to have surgery on Thursday. I originally scheduled it for Tuesday but I figured if it’s on Thursday I can stay home with her on Friday because she’s going to have to wear the cone of shame for 10 days — or at least that’s what they are saying.

The last time she had surgery they tried to put a cone on her and she kept getting out … I was going to change her name to Houdini. I remember many many years ago when my nephew Brett was around 3 or 4 their dog Reba had to wear a cone. Brett called her a “dog flower” which I think is a nice way to put it.

I’m surprised they never made smaller versions of the cone to put on kids’ hands when they had the chicken pox to keep them from scratching. Of course I would have just used the cones to do my scratching so I guess it wouldn’t help. Perhaps they could be used on pubescent boys to keep them from masturbating 24/7. Hells bells — they should be put on guys who feel the need to text pictures of their wieners.

I watched most of the Grammys last night. Flipped the channel with Chris Brown came on — not much into abusive pigs — also had to turn switch off the dance jamboree and the whole weird thing at the end with that blond chick. I’m not catholic and am not a big fan of the catholic church but even I was offended — and believe me you have to go the distance to offend me. Well I guess if you don’t have talent you have to have glitz. And as for Glen Campbell — how sad. There was an interview with him on the CBS Sunday Morning show and he had to be reminded that he had Alzheimer’s. That is such a tough disease to have to watch someone you love go through. But when I was a teenager I had a gigantic crush on Glen Campbell so I’ll remember the guy who sang “Nothing’s quite as pretty as Mary in the morning.” Plus it’s true.