The End of an Era

Well the Hirsch brothers are all together again. My Uncle Dick (on the left) passed away yesterday. I can almost imagine the fun of that reunion.

He was a good and kind man. He and my Aunt Betty always came to see me when I was in the Minnesota Fringe Festival and they were at my graduation party and my book launch party.

I am sad at the loss. He is the last of my dad’s siblings — the Greatest Generation. He had the Hirsch eyes and smile and I could see my dad in his face and now that is gone. It’s kind of like losing my dad all over again.

I really miss my folks at Christmas time and especially my dad. He had such a childlike wonderment about the holidays. One year I remember he came home on Christmas Eve with gigantic bags from Target. He had decided to go out and buy a bunch of gifts himself, instead of leaving it up to mom. And oy, such gifts — I remember a great sweater but there was also some pink ski goggles (I hadn’t been skiing for years), a record album called “Hootenanny Hoot” that my dad was glad to take from me if I didn’t want it, and one of those boxes with all the little drawers that people use to keep nails and bolts and such in. I wasn’t sure why he got that for me but I did use it for jewelry or something like that. And he LOVED any gift he got. One year I crocheted (yes me, crocheting) everyone a hat and a scarf. Somewhere I have a picture of my dad wearing that hat — which was way too small — but he always wore it and the scarf because I made it for him.

Well goodbye Uncle Dick. I love you and will miss you.

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  1. Book launch party? A book launch party? Did you WRITE a book?? I'm pretty sure I have read every entry and somehow I missed that. What book, what's it about? I'm sure it is excellent, given your writing ability.

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