The Good Old Days Are Back

It’s official NBC has created a way back time machine and everything will go back to when it was good.  I also understand Friends, Cheers, and Frasier will be returning to Thursday nights.  Other networks have joined the fun — Walter Cronkite will be back on CBS Evening News, Happy Days is back on ABC, and Fox — well never mind.

The GOP is bringing back Ronald Reagan, while the DFL is bringing back Nixon — just for laughs.  The CDC is bringing back polio so they finally have a disease they can actually cure again.  Ford is bringing back the Model-T, Chrysler is bringing back Lee Iacocca, and Saturn is bringing back Pluto as an official planet.

In the spirit of the event I am bringing back my ex-husband, my job ironing tuxedo shirts, and I being back in school where I am suppose to take a chemistry exam but I’ve never been to the class and I’m naked.

Sorry NBC, you’re on your own.