The Olympics Are Here; The Olympics Are Here!

No I’m not checking for cracks in the ceiling or praying for spring … I’m practicing for the one winter sport I have always felt destined for — the Luge.  Oh I’m sure there’s a lot to the sport but to me it really looks like you get to lay on your back and slide down a hill — turning a little to the left here and a little to the right there.  Yes, if I had to choose a Winter Olympic sport that would be for me.  But it wasn’t always so — when Peggy Fleming won the gold medal for figure skating back in 1968 I was going to be a figure skater.  I went to Pershing Park ready to take on the world.  Then when, after about five minutes of going around the rink on my ankles I realized I had my skates on the wrong feet, I decided to give up the dream.  Since then it’s been the luge for me, except for the Summer Olympics when I can definitely see me doing some rhythmic gymnastics unless I can get into the synchronized swimming field.

After note (2/12/10 4:40 PM):  I can’t begin to tell you how ridiculous I feel.  I just heard that Nodar Kumaritashvili, a luger from Georgia (the country) died in a crash.  Sometimes things come back to bite you in the ass.