The Pilgrims Have A New Look

I found this image on the left of the “pilgrims” in the free clip art library for Microsoft. You know I’m thinking perhaps we’ve gone a little too far in the world of diversity. Apparently in Bill Gates’ world (aka Gatesland) the pilgrims were also the models from United Colors of Benetton.  Really, is it just me but do the pilgrims look like they are 1) Norwegian (if you look close you’ll see he has blond hair), 2) African and 3) Asian? Apparently in Gatesland’s quest to embrace diversity they forgot the Indians (aka Native Americans) — oh I get it I get it the brown pilgrim is actually a pilgrim from India — in fact he is probably on Gatesland’s tech support team in India or it’s Rajesh Koothrappali from The Big Bang Theory. Well either way — I’m thinking that this clip art is, well, pathetic.

I guess the king of the PC went a little too far to be PC. (Get it that was really quite clever because PC = both Personal Computer and Politically Correct — wow not bad for a Monday morning).

Have a good week. Be thankful you aren’t a turkey.