The Root of the Problem

I’m having a root canal done today.  The last time I had a root canal was in 1987 … the reason I remember is it was about four weeks before I graduated from college.  I remember it was a two part procedure and after the first part I was in pain for days.  I’ve been assured that dentistry has changed in the last 20 years.  I haven’t changed, I don’t know why dentistry has changed.  Well they told me on the phone that a root canal is like having a cavity filled and I could go back to work (is that good news or bad news, I don’t know).  What I’m really dreading is that this is going to cost me $1,000.  I’m actually paying someone to hurt me.  They shouldn’t be called dentists, they should be called dominatrix — just kidding — don’t hurt me, please.  But the cost of dental work is really unbelievable.  Last year I spent almost $4,000 on my teeth.  Of course I did get a nice set of front teeth that I had been lacking for a while.  Don’t believe me, look at my teeth in yesterday’s picture.  You know it’s not cheap to be this good looking.