The Scarlet “F”

These are my new computer glasses — I would have worn them but the glare from the flash didn’t let you see them in all their splendor. They are my salute to Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds.

So I had lunch yesterday with my friend John. I use to work with John about a hundred years ago when I was going to college and he told me that the people at work who read my blog have been worried about me — that is way too sweet.

I’m fine, I really am. Unfortunately I have been forced to go into foreclosure with my condo. That is a bummer and has been heavy on my mind. Once I find a new place to live and get over and done with I will be so happy. I think it’s all the unknowns that are making me crazy. And then there is the sense of failure too — I feel like I should be wearing a Scarlet F – although if I did I’m afraid a lot of people would think the “F” didn’t stand for foreclosure and assume I’m some kind of floosy — hmmm I guess that wouldn’t be all bad.

Any ways, I will survive this. I’m going to look at a place today. Hopefully I will like it and I can move in soon. Freckles has been very busy packing her things.