The Urge to Purge

It was like summer this weekend. You don’t normally see people in Minnesota walking around (or jogging around) in shorts and t-shirts in October. I think last year it had snowed in early October. Well I’m not going to fall for it (get it fall for it, like autumn for it) because I know old Mama N has a trick up her sleeves. But boy would it be nice to have this for a few more weeks.

I am very proud of myself for getting so much done this weekend. I put out my fall/Halloween decorations but this time I went through my three containers of stuff and sent a lot of it off to the Goodwill store. I’m slowly going through my “stuff” and deciding what I do or do not want/need. The two biggies will be books and DVDs. I have tons of books I’ll never read or will never read again and although I love bookcases filled with books, they look so noble, it really doesn’t make much sense to have them around. The same with DVDs. I have movies I’ve never watched that I won at work. I have movies I bought that I’ve never watched. And I have movies I’ve watched but will never watch again (i.e. Date Night, Sex & The City, Mama Mia). Okay I might watch Sex & The City for the shower scene but that’s it. Last week I returned a movie to Netflix that I had since May. I’m not going to be on hoarders, but I understand the reluctance they have to part with things — although I’m not certain how attached I could become to old pizza boxes and dirty litter trays.
Now I have the urge to purge not just at home but work. I’ll keep you posted on the great clean-up of 2010.