There Are Cobwebs In The Windmills of My Mind

Well I’ve finally gone around the bend. I can’t find my bus card and I’m pretty sure one of you have it and I think it would be a good idea if you confess and return it as soon as possible.

I actually think I may need to be locked up soon. There was the ice cream I put “back” into the cupboard then this weekend I went to get my keys off the table by the door and there it was, a stick of butter. Once I saw it I remember taking it out of the refrigerator. I was going to cut off a bit of it and leave it out to soften. How it ended up on the table by the door I’ll never know.

This weekend I’ve been working on gathering all my photos together and separating them by size. I am going to have them scanned by a professional service. I was trying to scan them myself but it was taking me a long time so I’ve decided to take some of my coinage money and get this done by someone else who has the equipment to do this. I’m sure I have close to 1000 photos. Not only will it be nice to have all the photos electronically so I can share them (look out you may have to look at all of them) but so they will be kept for a long, long time. I also have a lot of old pictures including a couple that were taken on the Kelso farm (my grandma was a Kelso) in Hallock, Minnesota sometime at the end of the 1800s. I’m going to scan this and then send it to the historical society in that area. The Kelso farm was not just a big farm, but a lot of new immigrants from Europe began their life in America by working on that farm.

Well I need to find some change so I can get on the bus — I hope you are happy you bus card thief — but before I do that I’m going to see if perhaps I put my bus card in the butter keeper or the freezer. With me you never know.

3 thoughts on “There Are Cobwebs In The Windmills of My Mind

  1. Mary ~
    You're fine until you begin confusing the bathroom with the bedroom. Then it's probably time for a frontal lobotomy!


  2. Hi Mary

    I came across your blog while doing research for the Bell Barn Society of Indian Head,Saskatchewan .The Bell Farm was a colonization farm(the largest in the world) started by Major William Robert Bell who first began his farming ventures with Charles Kelso of Hallock, Minnesota. Their farm was called the Kelso Bell Farm or Bell Kelso Farm and later just the 'Kelso Farm', with Charles (and possibly brothers) as the owner. An internet search for 'Kelso Farm' is how I arrived at your blog and I'm hoping the Kelso Farm you referred to is Charles Kelso's farm . The Society has some information on the Kelso Farm and Charles Kelso but no photos of the Farm( the Major sold his share in 1882). I'm just wondering if you know if your 'Kelso Farm' and the one I am researching are one in the same? And if so, would you be willing to contribute a photo or photos of the Farm and Family to the Bell Barn Society to be displayed on our website? I just had to ask as I noticed you mentioned contributing photos to the heritage society in Hallock.

    Thank-you ~Michelle

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