There Must Be 50 Ways To Use An Oven

When I do move I think I’ll just give away my dresser since I pretty much just use my laundry basket to hold my clothes. Oh sure the things that need to be hung up usually get hung up but the other stuff, well it just sits in that basket until I finally empty it out so I can fill it with the dirty clothes that have been accumulating in a pile on the floor. So if you have a laundry basket and a floor who needs a dresser? It’s kind of like my oven which is now nothing but a storage space for pans that I never use. The mom on “The Middle” (one of my favorite TV shows) uses her oven to store a quilt. GENIUS!!!!!!!! Heck, I should get rid of the pans and I could use it for my dirty clothes — or shoes. GENIUS AGAIN!!!!!!!! And that drawer where all those pots I never use are sitting could hold my entire sock collection. I guess we all know what I’ll be doing this weekend.