These are gifts?

I’m going to spend some time looking at gifts that I’m finding in catalogs and I can’t help but think — really?

You know, I can actually imagine someone buying this to give as a gag gift but in your wildest dreams can you actually imagine anyone using it? Looking down into a toilet and seeing brown liquid, just can’t be pleasant. And even if you can get past that, imagine what the dog is thinking — oh sure I can’t drink out of it but you can drink out of it whenever you want. I imagine some sort of doggy revenge would be in the cards.

And then there’s a pillow that while, it could be a very sweet gift, could also be rather creepy if given to you by a neighbor that is rather creepy. You know, like having Hannibal Lecter living next door and telling you he thinks you’re “special” — “very special.” Or you might wonder if you are special the same way your Aunt Mildred was special. And of course even if you have a wonderful neighbor, if you don’t like this pillow or pillows in general, you are not stuck with having to have this pillow on display all the time in case your neighbor stops by.

I also want to send good thoughts and wishes to my pal Peter who is having surgery on his knee Tuesday morning. He’s been told it is a short recovery period and he should be up and moving around quickly. So, Peter, good luck and take care.  Oh, and don’t eat the Jello in the hospital.