When I was a kid we use to play a game called Hide the Thimble. In case you can’t figure it out on your own — someone would hide a thimble (or some other small object) and we’d try to find it. The person who would hide the thimble would say “You’re getting warmer” as we headed in the right direction or “You’re getting colder” when we went the wrong way or “You’re hot” when you were so close. Well I feel like Mother Nature is playing Hide The Thimble with Minnesota.

One day we are getting “colder, no colder, oh you’re freezing” and the next day we are “getting hotter, really hotter, oh you’re burning up.” The only problem, other than shear annoyance, is I have no idea what we are suppose to be looking for. Let’s see Monday and Tuesday we are in a heat index, Wednesday we have a perfect day, and well today you need a jacket. Would someone please find the *^# thimble so we can move on to another game like — It’s Summer.