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I was thinking it would be nice to get a sponsor for my blog … you know athletes get sponsors (and money) so why not writers.

Okay, here is another reason why we need health insurance reform. I learned at our benefits meeting last week that every year we can have an annual exam that is covered at 100%. The idea is that if something is wrong, and it’s found early, it can be treated early and will not cost as much money. But here is the catch, and boy what a catch. If you have a yearly physical and during that physical something is found –such as a lump, an oozing sore, or an alien coming out of your stomach — then the exam is no longer covered 100%, it is now a regular office call. What a crock. After 50 it is more likely that something will be found that isn’t quite right. I mean let’s face it, your body is collapsing slowly. So when I go to my annual exam next week, I’m going to tell my doctor that if she finds anything wrong — don’t tell me or treat it — that’s the Blue Cross way.