Three Days at Home — Yippee

 I’m on a three day vacation. What do I plan to do? Well I was going to go to the beach and sunbath naked but I guess it’s a little too chilly for that. Then I thought I’d go to Treasure Island and win millions of dollars but it’s such a long drive from here and I don’t want to get that song from the ad stuck in my head AGAIN (the voices hate that song). So I thought perhaps I would jet off to Paris to pick up some new clothes for the winter but I remembered I’m not a size 2 so I’m sure they don’t have anything that fits.

So what do I plan to do? I’m taking three days to write and to create some videos. Yes, I’m going to do some videos of new material and some stuff from my past Fringe shows. I’m also working on a new and improved blog — stay tuned.

So watch for the launch soon.