Tick Tock Tick(ed Off) Tock

Whatever happened to being able to watch a television show without having to endure a scrolling ticker line or an advertisement in the corner. Last night I attempted to watch a Patricia Cornell movie on Lifetime and in the corner they had an ongoing clock announcing how long until Army Wives started. I watched about five minutes and gave up. It was so distracting I couldn’t watch the hot guy on television. So this is to Lifetime:

I’m glad I got that off my chest. Oh and look there’s a couple crumbs there too … yum, English muffin. Opening day at the new Twins Stadium — I’ll be glad when that’s over. I’m tired of hearing about it. You know I think repetitive news stories can really suck the joy out of an event. How many stories can we take on the new stadium dog? I am, however, going to go to a couple games this year, just to sit outside. The last time I went to a Twins game I got a sunburn — which tells you how long it’s been. Play ball and stop the presses.