To Sleep In Or Not To Sleep In

Good morning.

I love Sunday mornings. I love my Sunday morning TV shows and the newspaper and the sound of the church bells. I use to go to church but now I worship at the Church of the PosturePedic. There are a number of reasons why I stopped going to church but the main reason was one day I realized that I was a good person (really). It seems to me that churches start with the concept that we are bad people who need to redeemed on a continuing basis. We even had to feel bad about bad thoughts. There was no way out. And so I stopped going.
That being said, I miss church. Not so much the whole Sunday morning service thing — I’m not much for ritual — I miss the community feeling. I loved going one place and knowing so many people. There was always something you could get involved in either for yourself (God forbid) or for others. But I felt it was hypocritical to be there when I disagreed with the main premise of the group. It would be like me joining the Republican party just so I can go to the picnics. (Of course how much white bread and apple pie can one person eat.)
So happy Sunday from a devoted heathen.