Tonight is Tomorrow But When You Read This Tonight Will Be Yesterday

I’m doing tomorrow’s blog tonight because I have to be at the vet’s around 7:00 with Freckles and I may not have time to write. Okay I know I won’t have time to write because I will get up at the last minute and be racing like crazy. Freckles can’t eat anything starting at 8:00 tonight so she’s going to be really going crazy in the morning when I don’t give her her breakfast and she also can’t have anything to drink in the morning. Poor little thing, she won’t understand why I’m being so mean. I’ll be her Joan Crawford mom and she’ll need therapy when this is over. I think I will also need therapy when this is over. In fact I think we should all have therapy together. Mary’s Blog Therapy Group. I like it. I’ll get right on that. Have a good Thursday and think nice thoughts for Freckles.