Too Old For This S*it

This is my “what you talkin’ ’bout Willis” look. Okay, I’ll keep my day job.

I have been keeping late hours for the past couple of weeks, at least late for me. Not going to bed until 11 or later because I’m working on my show. It is a lot of work and I’ll be glad when it is over — really. But in case I haven’t bugged you about it yet, here is a link to my Fringe page and a link to my Swell Gals website I’m working on. I am going to work on the website after the show is over.

I’m watching a rerun of “The Golden Girls” where Blanche’s brother comes to visit and is afraid to tell her he is gay. Sophia says “He’s as gay as a picnic basket” — great line.

Speaking of great lines you can go here to find some of the greatest movie lines ever. Enjoy