Truth or Consequences

Here is my mean teacher look. Good thing I never became a teacher huh?

Who was your favorite teacher? I had quite a few but my second grade teacher Mrs. Barnes was the one who told me to be a writer. I use to get up during show and tell and “tell” all sorts of stories. There was the time we were moving to a farm to raise elephants or when my dad was going to Washington to work with JFK or how Annette Funicello was visiting my grandma and, one of my favorites, was how the Russians had taken my real mom and given me look alike (I believe that was during my mom’s change).
After one of my stories Mrs. Barnes came over and took me outside the room. I thought I was in all sorts of trouble (I’d been there many times before). She looked at me and said “Mary, you are such a wonderful liar you should be a writer.” And from that time on I’ve been writing. In the third grade I wrote my first musical “The Indian Princesses.” A classic, as you can imagine.
So as I post my 187th blog (and they said it wouldn’t last) I thank Mrs. Barnes for recognizing I wasn’t just a liar — I was a liar with talent.
And that’s the truth — no really it is.