Turn Up The Volume Please

My friend Peter was telling me yesterday that when his mom was in hospice the nurse told the family that they should have movies and music she liked going all the time. She said that it is believed that even if someone is in a coma they can hear what is going on around them. So the family had her favorite movie “The Sound of Music” going 24/7 in her room. It made me think what would I want to have playing while I was in a coma. I felt I should make a list just so no one would make a mistake and have a Pauly Shore film festival or play the greatest hit(s) of Justin Bieber.

So here is Mary Hirsch’s Comatose 10 (both music and videos):

1. Monk (anything from all 8 seasons)
2. Van Morrison
3. Casablanca (black and white version please)
4. Randy Travis (even though he played at Michele Bachmann’s tent in Iowa)
5. The Music Man
6. Barry Manilow (yeah I know but I love him)
7. Elf
8. Gordon Lightfoot (yeah I know but I love him too)
9. The Andy Griffith Show (anything from all ??? seasons)
10. B.B. King

Why not “24” you may ask? Because I’m afraid I would kick the bucket before the end of the season and I hate it when that happens.

What would be in your Comatose 10?

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