Vacation Day One

My new song to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas:  “On the first day of vacation, the universe gave to me, a dog who couldn’t wait to pee.”

Hope you had a nice Easter. In case you didn’t see these photos on Facebook they are from Easter 1958 and 1959 when I was 3 and 4. I remember getting all dressed up to go to church and having to wear black patent leather shoes — I hated those except they were great to rub together and make the most annoying sound. I couldn’t wait to get home and put on my play clothes. I was never much of a girlie girl although I was (and still am) cute as the dickens. By the way, on the 1959 picture note the Easter bonnet (I believe Peter asked me there it was in the 1958 photo) and the white gloves.

So here’s a question … if you are on vacation does “vacation” start when you leave work or does “vacation” start the first day when you are suppose to be at work but you are not?  Well either way, I’m not vacation until next Monday the 16th or until 4:00 this Friday — depending on what you call ‘vacation.”

I have no plans at all for the entire week. So since I have nothing to do I wanted to get up early and start doing nothing. Well actually Freckles wanted us to get up early and start doing nothing. Of course, she is back in bed now — and what the heck I could join her but I may wait until later. I love to take afternoon naps. They are better than ice cream!

Well I better hurry up and do nothing. I’ll let you know how it’s going.

1 thought on “Vacation Day One

  1. I cannot BELIEVE you just said something was better than ice cream. You should be stoned with hard pieces of brown crap (unmarked can style) for such a blasphemous comment.

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