Vacation, I’m On Vacation

This is the face of a woman who is starting 10 days of vacation. This is a happy face. Remember this face because you may not see it again until October.

So yesterday for our staff event I had a good time and I didn’t have to take off my socks!! We went on a garage sale scavenger hunt in limos. It was worth it just to see the look on the faces of the people when we pulled up to their home in a limo. And everyone was so nice. We told them what we were doing and what we were looking for and some of them went into their homes and garages and brought things that they weren’t planning on selling out for us. And our team won for being the most frugal. Each team was given $50 and we only spent $27. Of course the most important part of the event was that I learned why I don’t go to garage sales — it’s a lot of junk.
Oh boy it is raining like crazy out right now, which is a good way to start a vacation because I can stay indoors and watch movies or read or go back to sleep. Hmmmm I wonder which one I’ll choose?