Oh he’s ever so dreamy…

Happy VD to all of you.  I’m writing this on VD Eve because I have to be in St. Paul at 8:00 tomorrow morning for a seminar and there’s no way in hell I’ll ever get up early enough to write a blog and get dressed so I can either go to the seminar in my pajamas or write my blog the night before. Since I sleep in an old t-shirt and knee socks I think I better write my blog tonight and spare the city of St. Paul the pleasure of seeing my pale pasty flesh.

I forgot to mention in today’s blog (meaning Monday as opposed to Tuesday) about the loss of Whitney Houston. I’m a fan of her music and it is terribly sad how it happened at such a young age and due to booze and drugs (even “legal” drugs) but if I hear “I Will Always Love You” one more time I may have to do something drastic like run naked through the streets screaming “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

Have an ever so dreamy VD.