Want Some Insurance? Click on My Testicles

I’m not sure if I should be happy or disappointed that my age isn’t in the crotchial area. Do people really click on these things? Do they think they will win an iPad or a car or a trip? Who wants to buy insurance from a company that has a cop covered with age spots?

I have to say it … hot enough for you? For those of us with asthma and other lung diseases this is scary hot (I think that was one of the Spice Girls wasn’t it?). I went to my brother’s house last night for a birthday dinner for Brett and I thought I would die on the walk between the house and the car — both coming and going. When I was leaving my brother told Brett to walk me out to my car and carry anything I had. I thought he told Brett to carry me out to the car. OMG, I thought, why did he want to kill his son???? Yes Brett happy birthday, fling your overweight aunt over your shoulders in this unbelievable heat and haul her out to the car.

I hope the building where I work had sense enough to run the AC during the weekend or it is going to be a 17 floor high crock pot in there.