Welcome To The Sour Puss Clinic

Many years ago I went through a sleep study and was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I was given a CPAP to help me sleep better. I used it for about 6 months then I got sick with pneumonia and had to stop using it until I was better — but I never got back in the habit. I decided that I wanted to use it again — it really helped give me more energy when I wasn’t waking up every 3 minutes because I stopped breathing.

I called the clinic where I had the study and said I wanted to come in and have my machine checked and get new supplies. Well, of course, I had to see a doctor first.

Yesterday I went to my appointment. I don’t know if it’s something in the air ducts but I have never met such cranky people in my life. The nurse asked me why I was there. I told her “I haven’t used my machine in years and want to start using it again.” Then she snaps at me “Well then use it.” I tried to explain that I wanted the machine checked but before I could finish my sentence she snaps again “Why aren’t you using it?” I almost smacked her. I can only guess that 1) she has no smile muscles in her face so why bother being pleasant 2) she was terribly constipated or 3) she was having a horrible day and the best way to make it better was to yell at the patients.

Finally she left the room and said the doctor would be in. Well in comes a doctor who 1) has no smile muscles in her face so why …. you get the picture. She sat down and asked me the same questions the nurse asked me and then said “I think we better have you come in and do a new sleep study.” I replied “No. It costs too much money.” Well you could tell that, like most doctors, she was not use to someone saying no to her. Who did I think I was? The owner of the body? A person? No, I was a puppet to be manipulated by her because she had an M.D.

So when I said no, and she got over the shock, she announced that I could just do a home study. It wasn’t as accurate but it was pretty close. Ha! She gave away the dirty little secret — there is an alternative to the thousands of dollars study.

I have to wonder why do these people go into the medical profession if they seem to not like people? I mean why not become an accountant or a grave digger or a clerk at the Department of Motor Vehicles?

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  1. Well… tell us what the home study is! Save us all time and money and running into unhappy constipated people with abnormal facial muscles!

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