Well That’s That

The trouble with Christmas is that it ends so abruptly. That’s the nice part about taking the week after Christmas off — it feels like you extend the holiday a little longer.

I had a nice Christmas. Spent Christmas Eve with the sparents. We got a dinner from Kowalski’s and it was so good. Lots of leftovers so I’m still eating ham and cheesy potatoes. The dessert was decadent and should only be served once a year. Christmas Day I went to my niece’s for brunch and had another nice time. Her dining room and living room looked like something out of a Martha Stewart show — it was so pretty. My nephew made Belgian waffles although at one point we were rather concerned with what would be served when I heard my niece say “Holy shit balls what are you doing?” But it turned out fine.

Yesterday I went to my friend Mary’s house and had hamburgers cooked outside (yum) and watched one of the classic Christmas movies — “You Don’t Know Jack.” I was fooled too and thought it was about Jack Frost but instead was about Jack Kevorkian (aka Dr. Death). Nothing says Merry Christmas like a movie about assisted suicides. Fa-la-la-la-la. But it was such a nice day just sitting around with friends and relaxing. And Freckles met their new dog Wally. Wally got her pretty excited and there was some running and jumping. Wally also wanted to do a little humping but Freckles wouldn’t have anything to do with that.

So now it’s back to reality of sorts. I hope you all had a good holiday too.

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