What A Day!

The original thought of this picture was “Shhhh, don’t tell Freckles I’m leaving again” but the day had other plans. I had to go in early for a breakfast meeting and then I had 250 emails with a number of do this, is this done, type of messages and I never got to my blog.

I have a couple of things I’ve been thinking of since the wedding/trip to share with you. Today (or tonight) is about the incredible rudeness of people. I think every wedding planner should be given a gun, a tazer, and/or a cattle prod and they should be allowed — by law — to use it on any person who shows up that didn’t RSVP or who shows up with a guest and didn’t say they were bringing someone or worse yet they bring their entire family, including small children who never ever have fun at a wedding despite what you see in the movies, and the entire family was not invited. “Well Uncle Fred and Aunt Pumpkin are here from Des Moines and I really didn’t want to leave them alone at home because I knew they’d drink all the liquor and make long distance calls on my phone and they’ve never been to a wedding where the bride is so old and the groom has a speech impediment so I figured you wouldn’t mind if I brought them.” These people should be shot, zapped, or prodded back to the stone ages.
And by the way, my new hero is Steven Slater. I have walked off a couple of jobs but never with such panache. I bow to you Steven — I am not worthy.