What The Heck?

Can someone, somewhere, some place, some time, some kind of wonderful yes she is …. ooops I got lost in thought again. But I had my fourth dream (that I remember) with Woody Allen in it.

I’m a big Woody Allen movie fan (well most of his movies) and think his marrying his step-daughter is creepy but I don’t think about him all all that much. Yet, there he is … sneaking around in my subconscious. And why was he living in my grandma’s house?

I imagine Freud would say it’s because he has a penis and I envy it. And because he’s “inside” my grandma’s house I want him “inside” my house — if you get my drift. (I’d say vagina but according to the folks in Michigan that’s a dirty word and I never say dirty words like that — true shit.)

I’ve also heard if you have a person keep showing up in your dreams his or her initials are actually something you long for. So let’s see W.A.:

Washboard Abs
Wiggling Aardvarks
Whistling Albatross
White Ankles
Wacky Asparagus

I guess I may never know.