What You Learn When You Can’t Talk

Toothbrush headJust got home from having my teeth cleaned. The hygienist likes to talk and I like to talk to but it is one time when I pretty much have to shut up (I hate it). So by simply listening I found out a lot of my hygienist. Such as:

  1. Her 19 year old son is home on break of the University of Minnesota
  2. He works part-time at the Dairy Queen
  3. He is bored and should be trying to find an internship for the summer or he’ll end up working at the Dairy Queen.
  4. Her 12 year old son doesn’t like to read.
  5. He will be 13 soon.
  6. Her daughter is 17 and a junior in high school.
  7. She wants to be a pediatric nurse.
  8. She doesn’t like chemistry.
  9. My hygienist was forced by her parents to work in a dental office during high school so she could find out if she really would like working in dentistry.
  10. She didn’t like it but it was pediatric dentistry and that is different.
  11. Kids are given a “cocktail” and strapped to boards sometimes in order to work on their teeth. (Yeah, I thought that was odd.)
  12. She is 47.
  13. Her mom has an Oral B brush but doesn’t like to keep it in the bathroom. Once it is charged up she puts it in a drawer in the bathroom but keeps the charger in her bedroom.
  14. My hygienist told her kids that each tooth had a name when she would brush them. This came up because she was talking about tooth 5 or tooth 18 or whatever and I said I prefer to name my teeth than to give them impersonal numbers.

That is a lot of information about one person. It’s amazing what you can learn if you shut up and just listen. I’ll have to try that sometime.