When the moment is right

Yesterday morning I got to work and was going to put up the top on my car when it wouldn’t budge. I tried to turn off the car and restart it and tried to pull it up myself but it was not moving. So I made a phone call to Westside VW and asked if they could help me if I brought my car in and they said yes. So when I got there Mike showed me how to turn some lever in the trunk and you can then put the top up on your own. Mike then said there was some fluid that was probably missing blah, blah, blah and all I could think of was that perhaps I could use some sort of liquid Viagra “If your top stays up longer than four hours see your mechanic.” Yes, poor Bessie is suffering from Convertible Dysfunction aka “CD.”

So today I’m taking old Bessie in to the mechanic to have a talk about her CD so when the moment is right the top will be ready.