Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Tonight Peter, Sue/Sue, & Mary — one of the least known folk singing groups in town — will be playing trivia at Kiernan’s. I need a night out of fun. Work has been overwhelming and no matter how I try I can’t leave it behind when I go home. It’ll be okay, soon I hope, but for now it’s a bummer.

And poor Freckles is trying to climb on her snow mounds and she keeps sinking which is only a little more pathetic than me trying to climb on the same mounds to clean up her droppings. If a 32 pound dog sinks imagine what happens to me. If some day you don’t hear from me look for an old lady stuck in a snowbank.

1 thought on “Where Everybody Knows Your Name

  1. Not sure exactly what 'trivia at Kienan's' is, but in case you're asked, the flavor of Trisha Nixon's wedding cake was lemon.

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