Where’s My Lucky Broom?

Last night as I paced back and forth during the last three innings of the TWINS vs. yankees game I remembered when my mom did the exact same thing. Oh the acorn doesn’t fall far enough from the tree.

My mom was a gigantic Twins fan. I remember sitting with her in the hospital before she died and she wanted to listen to the Twins on the radio. In the summer of 1965 when the Twins were in the race to win the American League pennant, my mom would watch the games on our porch on one of those black and white televisions with the rabbit ears. And when she got nervous she would pace back and forth. The porch had a tile floor and she would sometimes sweep it while she watched. Well one day she decided that the broom was lucky — perhaps she had a vision or a premonition or a vodka tonic — but it was lucky. And from that day on she wouldn’t watch a game without her lucky broom being close by in case we needed it. The Twins won the pennant and played the Dodgers in the World Series. I think all of the games or most of them were played during the day and since we were in school at the time we all got to go out in the hall and watch the game now and then. I kept expecting the janitor to be sweeping the halls – assuming that’s what you’re suppose to do during a game.

So last night while pacing I had this sudden urge to sweep. Fortunately it went away quickly. And we beat those coitus yankees. I hate the yankees. Freckles hates them too, I could sense it.

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  1. Oh my, so glad you have memories of watching the Twins in the school hallway too…I was afraid I was having weird thoughts about my childhood. Whenever I would mention it people always looked at me strangely! Glad you were there!

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