Where’s The Ark?

Last night when I took Freckles out, or tried to take Freckles out, she totally refused to go out into the rain. We sat under the canopy out front for a while but the rain would not let up. I had never planned for this event. Where would she go? I knew eventually she would not be able to wait any longer so I thought if we went to the garage perhaps she would let it go down there. When I got down there is was flooding. We came back upstairs and water was coming into the building via the patio. One guy was running around telling us that we were all going to have water coming into our units. I wondered if I should inflate my inflatable bed so we would float away when the flood came in. I’m sure that would be an interesting sight floating down Hennepin Avenue. Well the rain let up, Freckles couldn’t stand it anymore so she went out in the now wimpy rain and did her thing, the water receeded, and, of course, early this morning the electricity went out. That is why you are getting this older picture, because I couldn’t fire up my computer at home. Fortunately, the electricity came back on just before we were leaving but I still took the girl to doggie daycare. I’ll have to continue the lessons I’ve learned on my vacation series tomorrow when it is hopefully drier and the hamsters are running again at Xcel Energy.

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  1. Sky asked to go outside one day when it was raining, I opened the door she ran out realized it was raining and did a u-turn and ran right back inside, I think she may actually be a cat

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