Where’s The Beets?

Okay it happened again. I have a t-shirt, my favorite t-shirt by the way, that says “SCHRUTE FARM BEETS.” It is based on the character Dwight Schrute from “The Office.” He and his cousin Mose run a beet farm. Hence the t-shirt ‘SCHRUTE FARM BEETS.” Now sometimes I’ll get a fellow Office fan who likes the shirt but I also get the occasional person who actually thinks I work or own a beet farm. And yesterday, out walking Freckles, I got stopped to ask about beets.

The saddest one was one elderly man at Cub Foods who was so excited that I had a beet farm. He loved beets and wanted to come to my farm and get fresh beets. When I explained it was part of a TV show he didn’t get it and just shook his head and said “I was sure looking forward to some organic beets.”
It’s still my favorite t-shirt but I think I need to learn something about beets — I’d hate to disappoint my adoring public.