Who Are You?

I went to a seminar yesterday about leadership in law firms. The speaker showed a wonderful video about herding cats which is a perfect example about what it is like to be a leader in a law firm. If you’ve never worked at a law firm you really don’t understand how it is different from traditional businesses. And it is like herding cats.

But the question he asked was “When you get up in the morning what do you see in the mirror? Do you see a marketing person or do you see a leader?” and I thought to myself “OMG I don’t think I could get up each morning if that’s what I saw.” I know what he was trying to say, if you don’t see yourself as a leader then you won’t be a leader. But my thought was that I hope I’m a lot more than a job, a career, something that let’s me bring home the Morningstar Fake Bacon Strips. I’m not even sure I would like to try to be a leader at a law firm … I don’t think you can ever achieve that without a law degree and I have no intention of getting myself one of them there leee-gal degrees. Plus being a leader can only lead to meetings, committees, spreadsheets, organizational charts and in the end it is all boiled down to a PowerPoint presentation. I think I may need to consider my career back-up plan — street mime. Have you ever seen my woman trapped in a cubicle?