WiFi Blues

Good morning my little butterflies …. no idea where that came from. Here’s a photo of me and Daisy (duh). She is definitely a mama’s girl. When I’m at the computer she wants to sit on my lap.

We had a visitor to meet her, our friend Peter came over the other night. She is getting much better with new people. And Peter is very scary so I was surprised. The first time Peter came over after I got Freckles he sat in her spot on the couch and after he got up she walked right over and marked it. That didn’t happen this time.

Had a weekend trying to get my WiFi to work. Took my computer to the Apple store “Genius” bar and they couldn’t find anything wrong with it — except the screen was embarrassingly dirty. The Genius cleaned it for me. I wonder if I could get a Genius from Microsoft to come over and clean my windows — get it Microsoft / Windows — oh I am funny on a Monday morning.

Speaking of funny may I suggest you watch the new show on NBC called Go On. The first two episodes are available On Demand (and I’m sure also on line). I think it is hysterical. Then watch The New Normal — also funny. I found out that it has been banned in Salt Lake City so even if it wasn’t funny I’d watch it just because it was banned in Salt Lake City. In high school I read Catcher In The Rye because I heard a bunch of parents complaining about it. I guess I’m wired that way. There are people who see a sign that says “WET PAINT” and just avoid touching the walls and then there are people who see a sign that says “WET PAINT” and absolutely have to touch it just to be sure. I am the latter (I used to be the walrus but now I am the latter). They are probably rerunning episodes of Donny & Marie during that time slot or perhaps an infomercial on magic underwear.

And, finally, HAPPY NEW YEAR. It is the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) and the 1/4 or 1/8 of me that is Jewish wants to acknowledge that. Fortunately, as with the traditional New Year in January, I feel no obligation to make any resolutions to be a better person — like I could get any better than this!!!!