Winter Time Is Here

Happiness and Cheer,
Fun for all,
That children call,
Their favorite time of year.
A Charlie Brown Christmas

I love that show. I love the fact that I was around the first time it was shown on television. It was always a must watch show every year. There were lots of Christmas Specials to watch — not so many any more unless you count all the Hallmark and Lifetime movies about some woman who doesn’t appreciate what she has or is looking for love in all the wrong places, or is going to meet Jesus and needs some fancy shoes for the trip. On Saturday, as a special holiday treat, TNT showed Titanic without commercials. Nothing says happy holidays like the sinking of a boat and the death of 1,500 people. Fa-la-la-la, I hope you can swim.

Of course I saw on PBS the show that looked at the Andy Williams Christmas Specials, which were also a must watch every year. It was clear to see why kids were all screwed up when it came to family. You watch the “perfect family” in their matching sweaters decorating the tree and singing carols and wonder what’s wrong with your family. It wasn’t until his ex-wife shot her lover that I finally was really able to relate to the Williams clan. I use to listen to my Andy Williams Christmas album in the basement and had created an entire special, staring me, based on this music. I think the best part was the Rockettes-styled dancing line performing to The Little Drummer Boy. It would have been a smash on Broadway for sure.