Wow, Did I Sleep In

I slept until almost 10 this morning … not usual for me. I’m very lucky I have a dog that will just stay in bed as long as I will. In fact I have to drag her out of bed to go outdoors.

I hate that daylight savings time starts tomorrow. SPRING FORWARD SUCKS. I hate losing the hour so early because it’s just starting to get light in the morning, now it will be dark again. I know, I know “but it will be light longer at night.” I don’t care, the reason it’s called NIGHT is because it’s suppose to be dark — MORNING = Light; NIGHT = Dark. When it’s nice and warm out, yes I like it to be light longer but it’s March for cryin’ in the beer, who cares if it’s light now. Not that I really have an opinion on it or anything.
When I took Freckles to the park this morning there is barely any snow/ice left. That is a good sign to me. Of course she wants to roll in the slush and muck that is currently disguising itself as grass and she gets mad when I say “NO!” — well it’s more like “NO” — okay “No” — alright “Pretty please don’t roll in the muck.” It’s probably a good thing an old softy like me didn’t have children — they would have run wild and today would be on some reality show and not in a good way.
Have a good Saturday.