Yankee Doodle Howdy

Happy Fourth of July. Ooooooooh, Aaaaaaaaaaaah. I’m reenacting fireworks for you.

My best friend when I was growing up lived next door. Her birthday was on the fourth of July. It was pretty cool to have someone your exact same age living next door. We were always going back and forth to each other’s house. But looking back on it, it was like going from one world to another. Debbie’s family was very conservative — they listened to classical music, watched public television, and voted for Nixon. My family was very liberal — they listened to rock and country, watched comedies, and voted for Kennedy. So when I was at Debbie’s life was conservative; when she was at my house life was liberal; and when we were outside riding bikes or sliding down hills or playing kick the can it didn’t matter. Maybe that’s what we should do in Washington — make all those senators and congress folks go outside and play kick the can and ride bikes and run so fast that you don’t think you’ll ever catch your breath. Maybe if they did that, they might not be conservatives or liberals — they might be friends.
Happy birthday Debbie — I’m glad we are friends.